Pagtalos at Pagsunod sa Kalooban ng Diyos sa Mapanghamong Panahon

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Church History

Indang Evangelical Church (IEC) started its ministry in 1936 as evidenced by the engraved marking on the wall of the first church building in Bañadero, Indang. The worshipping congregation was formed through the mission activities of Julia Moths, Rev. Luciano Ocampo and his wife, Petronila Ocampo, who served as deacon.

The church in Bañadero established the first kindergarten school in Indang through the leadership of Loida Ocampo (eldest child of Pastor Ocampo).

From 1939 to 1948, church membership rose to around 50 individuals (Gregorio Ilagan, Benjamin Santos Sr., Benito Roderos, Librada Herrera, Magno Austria, Lorenzo Esguerra, Angelo Quiñones, Jacinto Ersando, Gregorio Roderos at Caridad Roderos to name a few). Even in times of war during the Japanese occupation, worship services, fellowship, prayer meetings and other church activities continued in the houses of some of the members.

In 1941, Pastor Benjamin Santos was baptized and became member of the church. He was commissioned in 1945 as fellow worker of Pastor Ocampo. Pastor Santos (also known as Lolo Jamin) graduated in 1948 from the Union Theological Seminary (UTS) in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

In 1948, the congregation sold the church lot to Villa Family and used the money to build the present church building in Binambangan. The decision was approved by the Board of American Mission. The present church lot was donated by Anicia Quiñones and Angelo Quiñones.

During church building construction in 1950, the congregation under the supervision of Pastor Benjamin Santos Sr. worshipped in the house of Bernandino Romen in Kaytambog, Indang.

In 1952, the congregation started worshipping in the new church building. Membership increased due to the church mission activities. In the 80s, some families residing in Pulo, Indang established a worshipping congregation in the area. The outreach church was recognized as a full-fledged church by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) in the 90s.

IEC in the 90s

With present church membership estimated at 200 individuals including children and those who are now based abroad, UCCP-Indang continues to respond to the Great Commission.

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